@HyperHyperPhoto here on an #OEGtakeover for the week, taking you through some of the photos being exhibited as part of Open 3: Affecting Change. All images have been produced in collaboration with community group Between The Borders. Between the Borders as an active collective communicates these experiences through long term community projects; creative and music events, exhibitions, film screenings and workshops. So as a result of this many of the contributors present their experiences through their respective artistry. This is a portrait of BTB member and contributor Fred Jafari in his bedroom in Liverpool, he performs as a rapper under the moniker MC Farhood @farhoodofficial . After a tumultuous arrival in the UK now settled in Liverpool, he is an active part of the community and music scene. His work addresses his experiences and thoughts concerning the political state of his home country Iran. Find out more at: https://www.bidolito.co.uk/mc-farhood/ https://m.soundcloud.com/farhoodofficial #affectingchange #openeyegallery #nononeisillegal #35mm #filmphotography #mcfarhood


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