Good morning, @dannyryder here for Day 2 of a week long #OEGtakeover, I'll be taking you through some of the photos in my current exhibition. It's part of Open 3: Affecting Change, and all images have been produced in collaboration with News from Nowhere (@nfnbooks). News from Nowhere is a Women's only Co-Operative. This has been the case since 1981; providing women with working experience in business management, bookselling, accountancy and retail. The first post of the day is for the Women who run the shop. Mandy, Maria, Jill, Cate and Julie ( and the volunteers ); when I approached them with the idea of building a working version of their bookshop in the gallery space, they were more than welcoming and open to it. They have been amazing throughout the process and without sounding all cliche, I couldn't thank them enough for all of their help; especially when it came to asking to lend 300 or so books for a while! #AffectingChange #NewsfromNowhere


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