Hi, @dannyryder here with another installment for Day 2 of my week long #OEGtakeover as part of the Open 3: Affecting Change exhibition; all images and archival materials have been produced in collaboration with News from Nowhere (@nfnbooks). In the exhibition I put together three 80x60 frames that I hoped would tell the story of the bookshop. From its beginnings in Whitechapel, through the trials, break-ins and fires of the fascist attacks throughout the early 80's, to where the shop is today; as one of the few independent radical bookshops left (they are the 'Real Amazons' after-all). I wanted these frames, intended to inform those in the Open Eye/News from Nowhere annex, to be similar to the notice board in the Bold St shop that hangs just behind the door. #AffectingChange #NewsfromNowhere


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