Hi, @dannyryder here for Day 4 of my week long #OEGtakeover as part of the Open 3: Affecting Change exhibition; all images and archival materials have been produced in collaboration with News from Nowhere (@nfnbooks). When News from Nowhere gave me access to their archives, it contained expected items like lists of authors who've had book signings; there were albums of photos from the various premises' they had occupied and newspaper clippings about the shop. Then, there was this manila folder with the words 'Fascist File' on. What I found inside was a history of violence and attacks, including arson, as well as racist and far-right propaganda. These acts were documented by the staff, and with the help and support of the friends of the bookshop - whom spread as far as the House of Commons with letters of support from Tony Benn amongst others. The bookshop suffered from damages and threats of intimidation, but its wider community helped bring it back together and carry on. I was admittedly shocked when I came across this part of its history but it shows the determination of the people running it to still be here today. #AffectingChange #NewsfromNowhere #AntiFa


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