This is one of my Open 3 outtakes. In my head whilst shooting this I was sure it was going to make it into my final selects for the exhibition. Only to realise the man in the background with the tripod upon developing, i must have really been in the moment or just unaware because if I had noticed I either would have quickly recomposed or just not shot the photo at all. To me it was a photo that summed up a lot of what I wanted to say about what the UTS foundation were doing specifically with the breast cancer classes. Upon speaking with people on the course they told me that there was nothing like this in post cancer treatment and how much it had helped them have more energy for their daily life and feel less fatigued (chronic fatigue being a massive side effect of chemo and radio treatment). Above all it seemed to me, more of a community who have been through similar traumatic situations who can relate and further help each other, more so, than a low level exercise class for people being treated for cancer. @mattylambert #OEGtakeover


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