Portrait of Nelcy from ‘Another Language ‘ currently being exhibited at OEG as part of ‘Culture Shifts: Local . The portrait is from a series that show the women of Wirral Change taken by Stephanie Wynne (@mccoywynne) with Stephanie Fawcett. Nelcy came to Merseyside from Santa Cruz Bolivia with her British partner. She is represented inside an image of her own picture frame with text in Spanish reminiscent of a renaissance betrothal painting. The colour panel is sampled from the colours of the Della Robbia Pottery Collection that is housed in The Williamson Gallery Birkenhead where the project was originally exhibited. #CutureShifts#womeninphoto #sociallyengaged #oegtakeover @williamsonandprioryfriends @tomorrowswomen @wirralmuseums @womeninphoto #fastforward @redeyetpn


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