Andrew Jackson - @andrewjacksonphotos - here on an #OEGtakeover for the week, taking you through some of my images from the 'Home is a Person' project in Toxteth. The work here is on show at Open Eye Gallery as part of Culture Shifts: Local, open until 22nd December.' To underline the collaborative approach behind this commission the focus, and indeed the people selected to be photographed, were directed by a local resisent Michelle Peterkin Walker. In my second photo of the week we see Fatima. Fatima was such a lovely and welcoming person - I know this as I got her to endure a number of 1 second exposures - which she did happily. She also gave me tea and biscuits which wasn't too shabby at the end of a long day walking around Granby with a backpack and tripod. #CultureShifts #toxteth #portraits #culture #representation #blm #blue #hijab #film #portraits #faith #ooeneyegallery


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