Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley @georgioutolley here again for our week long Instagram Takeover #oegtakeover for Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, highlighting some of our images from 'The World Lived Here: L8', our project in Toxteth. The project is featured at Open Eye Gallery as part of Culture Shifts: Local, open until 22nd December. "You have to live in a place to change it." Waltraud Boxall feels a deep connection with the Liverpool L8 she calls home. A retired educator from Germany (specialising in anti racist approaches to literacy) who came to Toxteth post the disturbances of September 1985. Now in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, she reflects on the possibility of being an 'outsider' once more. We aim towards a collaborative form of photography, socially engaged, process-led photo-image making, and constructed imagery that attempts to engage with the people represented in the work. Our images are concerned with the prevailing atmosphere of Liverpool L8. They respond to residents' thoughts, memories, family photographs and the streets of Granby/Toxteth today. Family photos and postcards became a recurring theme, as we talked to our collaborators. 'Picture Postcards' became a way for sharing ideas, thoughts and stories, or exchanging messages. For more info on our project - https://youtu.be/tDwDTxTjzcE #CultureShifts #TheWorldLivedHereL8 #granby4streets #GeorgiouTolley #collaborative #photography #photoartwork #representation #toxteth #liverpool #brexit #antiracist #willofthepeople @georgioutolley @granby4streetsclt


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