Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley @georgioutolley with the second photo-artwork for day 5 of our week long Instagram Takeover #oegtakeover for Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool. We're highlighting some of our images & associated work from 'The World Lived Here: L8', our project in Toxteth, with Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust. The project is featured at Open Eye Gallery as part of Culture Shifts: Local, open until 22nd December. Image: "The Land of Punt..." (Somalia?)...('a postcard to the Somali Centre and the Al Madina grocer, L8).' A chance discussion with various members of the 'Liverpool Somali Community Centre' involved musings on matters from football to the Pharaohs’ original roots and possible Somali origins. Establishing a visceral trip from the Blues against Reds onto history and time itself via the yellow/gold of ancient Egypt and the long lost 'Land of Punt'. The Liverpool L8 locals claimed that Queen Hatshepsut's temple (in Luxor) evidenced that her mother (Hathor) was from 'Punt' - a place that the Pharaohs considered the origin of their "spirit home and culture". Listen to the 'poet' at 12mins 42secs of our film: #TheWorldLivedHereL8 - https://youtu.be/tDwDTxTjzcE #CultureShifts #TheWorldLivedHereL8 #granby4streets #GeorgiouTolley #collaborative #photography #collaborativephotography #photoartwork #yellow #gold #poetry #Somalia #granby #representation #toxteth #liverpool @georgioutolley @granby4streetsclt


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