Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley @georgioutolley with another photo-artwork from the 7th and final day of our week long Instagram Takeover #oegtakeover for Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool. We've been highlighting some of our images & associated work from 'The World Lived Here: L8', our project in Toxteth, with Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust. The project is featured at Open Eye Gallery as part of Culture Shifts: Local, open until 22nd December. Image: ('a postcard to Harold the fishmonger & shark, L8') "Harold the fishmonger had a shark in his window, and all the kids, men and women went to see the shark. It was famous, that shop." (Josephine Burger, Granby resident and contributor the Granby Workshop newspaper). During our early conversations with Granby residents, including Vicky Walker (and her daughter MIchelle) the subject of Harold the fishmonger and his shark would keep coming up. Until the late 1980s at the bottom of Granby street, was the famous shop – where all nationalities would buy the fish of their choice. A symbol of what was, what was lost, a story retold by generations here, that recalled a good man in a flat cap with a shark in his front window. Listen to 7mins 56secs to a lively mother and daughter debate on the origins of Harold and his shark, in our film: 'The World Lived Here: L8 #TheWorldLivedHereL8 - https://youtu.be/tDwDTxTjzcE #CultureShifts #granby4streets #GeorgiouTolley #collaborative #photography #collaborativephotography #photoartwork #shark #fishmonger #memories #archive #granby #representation #toxteth #liverpool @georgioutolley @granby4streetsclt


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