"It was terrifying. It was like being switched off, nothing seemed to mean anything in that period of time. I can't remember as I was highly confused and in a highly emotive state at the time. I was virtually falling off my feet, I was in a lot of physical pain. When I showed them my Alzheimers card it made a big difference." For some people dementia can have an impact on perception, how we see and make sense of the world. Roy experienced difficulties with the police once when he became confused and disorientated when out for a walk. He described how frightening it was, although he acknowledged how supportive the police were once they understood that he had dementia. #OEGtakeover by Tadhg Devlin showcasing ‘Life Beyond Diagnosis’, a Culture Shifts project with the SURF dementia group in Liverpool. This work can be viewed in the free newspaper at OEG #CultureShifts #sociallyengaged #LifeBeyondDiagnosis #dementia @tadhgdevlin www.tadhgdevlin.com To read more about SURF, visit their website: https://surfdementia.org


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