@gbphd and Robert Parkinson here on an #OEGtakeover for the week, taking you through some of our images from 'As and When', a Culture Shifts project in Runcorn and Widnes. The work here is on show at Open Eye Gallery as part of Culture Shifts: Local, open until 22nd December. Over the course of the week we'll be uploading shots that reflect back on our Halton residency. Moreover, we'll be outlining our process throughout the project, leading to the final outcomes and the conception of our book, 'As and When: Documenting Socially Engaged Practice. First up is the original 10 x 7 version of Irene's photo currently on display at the Open Eye. This is an install from the interim show at the Brindly, Runcorn.#cultureshift #sociallyengaged


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