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Alma the Artist (almatheartist)

Alma the Artist almatheartist

Conceptual Digital Artist

  • 6 days ago
Lauren Jefferis (laurenjefferis)

Lauren Jefferis laurenjefferis

Designer and Illustrator

  • 6 days ago
Sonya Parra illustrations (sonyaparra)

Sonya Parra illustrations sonyaparra

I'm a Leicester based illustrator

  • Mon 9th October, 2017
Amber Inchley (ambroseyroo)

Amber Inchley ambroseyroo

Freelance Fashion Photographer

  • Mon 9th October, 2017
HQ Recording Studio (hqrecordingstudio)

HQ Recording Studio hqrecordingstudio

Creative Studio

  • Tue 3rd October, 2017
Maxrock (maxrock)

Maxrock maxrock

Illustration and graphics

  • Tue 3rd October, 2017
Joe Bright (joebright)

Joe Bright joebright

Freelance Illustrator

  • Tue 3rd October, 2017
Anne Wassell Art (annewassell)

Anne Wassell Art annewassell

Pet portrait artist

  • Tue 3rd October, 2017
Tracey Meek (traceymeek)

Tracey Meek traceymeek


  • Tue 26th September, 2017
Giedre (geddykay)

Giedre geddykay

Illustration/Concept Art/Animation

  • Tue 26th September, 2017
Shannon (shannonemmagolder)

Shannon shannonemmagolder

Digital Media

  • Tue 26th September, 2017
Brogan Morris (exclamationpoint)

Brogan Morris exclamationpoint

Freelance Graphic Designer.

  • Mon 25th September, 2017
Sean Clark (seancuttlefish)

Sean Clark seancuttlefish

Digital Artist

  • Mon 25th September, 2017
Lucy Ireson (lucyireson)

Lucy Ireson lucyireson

BA Fine Art Degree

  • Mon 25th September, 2017
Matthew Pell (matthewpell)

Matthew Pell matthewpell

Moving-Image Artist and Sound Designer

  • Wed 20th September, 2017
Louise Wright Illustration (louillustrator)

Louise Wright Illustration louillustrator

A Derbyshire based Illustrator with a house full of animals

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Charlotte Fiddy (charlottefiddy)

Charlotte Fiddy charlottefiddy

footwear designer

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
iNKIDOT (Pandora Johnson) (inkidotpandorajohnson)

iNKIDOT (Pandora Johnson) inkidotpandorajohnson

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Ed James Harding (edjames)

Ed James Harding edjames

Illustrator and animator

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Alison Moon (alisonmoonillustrates)

Alison Moon alisonmoonillustrates

Illustrator and Storyboard Artist

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Adam Passingham (adampassingham)

Adam Passingham adampassingham

Food and Landscape Photographer

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Heather Horsley (heatherhorsley)

Heather Horsley heatherhorsley

Freelance Illustrator

  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Moop Illustration (clairestamper)

Moop Illustration clairestamper


  • Mon 18th September, 2017
Armani Conway (marnio6)

Armani Conway marnio6

Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

  • Mon 4th September, 2017
Sally Hills (sallyhills)

Sally Hills sallyhills

Illustrator / Graphic Designer

  • Mon 4th September, 2017
The Mighty Creatives (themightycreatives)

The Mighty Creatives themightycreatives

Creative Development Agency

  • Mon 4th September, 2017
Abigail Mellor (abigailmellor)

Abigail Mellor abigailmellor

Graduate lingerie and loungwear designer

  • Mon 4th September, 2017
Leila Houston (leilahouston)

Leila Houston leilahouston

Artist, Art Lecturer, WTS Gallery Director

  • Mon 21st August, 2017
Camellie (cami)

Camellie cami

Freelance illustrator

  • Tue 15th August, 2017
Lee Potter (leepotter)

Lee Potter leepotter

Lee Potter | Photographer.

  • Mon 14th August, 2017
Jarvis (drawingjarvis)

Jarvis drawingjarvis

Artist. Illustrator. Creative

  • Fri 11th August, 2017
Mason Underwood (plastictrees)

Mason Underwood plastictrees

Sound Designer

  • Tue 8th August, 2017
Artisound (artisound)

Artisound artisound

Royalty free music library

  • Tue 8th August, 2017
Shaun Taylor (idee)

Shaun Taylor idee

idee creative

  • Fri 4th August, 2017
Emma Taylor (emmataylor)

Emma Taylor emmataylor

Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Thu 28th May, 2015
Cultural Quarter Association (culturalquarterassociation)

Cultural Quarter Association culturalquarterassociation

Strengthening Leicester's Cultural Quarter

  • Thu 9th April, 2015
Seed Creative Network (seedcreativenetwork)

Seed Creative Network seedcreativenetwork

Connecting Media, Design & The Arts

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Attenborough Arts Centre (attenborougharts)

Attenborough Arts Centre attenborougharts

UOL arts centre

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Mary Davis (marydavis)

Mary Davis marydavis

freelance editor

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Frank Floyd Animation (frankfloydanimation)

Frank Floyd Animation frankfloydanimation


  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Alex Gunn (alexgunn)

Alex Gunn alexgunn

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Carol Leeming FRSA (carolleeming)

Carol Leeming FRSA carolleeming

artist literature music & media

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Sam Philips (samphilips)

Sam Philips samphilips

Head of Design & Media Management

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Seed Creativity (seedcreativity)

Seed Creativity seedcreativity

Full Service Creative Agency

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Anthony Dickens (antdickens)

Anthony Dickens antdickens

Nintendo Addict

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Donna Thacker Fine Art (donnathackerfineart)

Donna Thacker Fine Art donnathackerfineart

Abstract Painter & Photographer

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
AnimatID - Motion Logos (animatidmotionlogos)

AnimatID - Motion Logos animatidmotionlogos

Bespoke logo animation service

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Tom Harding (tomharding)

Tom Harding tomharding


  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Noumeda Carbone (noumedacarbone)

Noumeda Carbone noumedacarbone

Artist and award winner freelance illustrator

  • Fri 17th October, 2014
Leicestershire TV (leicstv)

Leicestershire TV leicstv

Bringing Leicestershire To Life!

  • Fri 17th October, 2014