Dr Frankenstein - Teaser Trailer 1

MON 27 MAR - SAT 1 APR - STUDIO A NORTHERN STAGE AND GREYSCALE CO-PRODUCTION More info & tickets: http://bit.ly/2koaEU2 Victoria Frankenstein is a brilliant, visionary young woman born into a world not ready for her. The industrial revolution is dawning and the British Empire circles the globe. It's an age of enlightenment, a time when orders begin to crumble and everything seems possible. Provided of course, that you are an English-man. Women are not allowed to study medicine in England, so Victoria travels to Ingolstadt, Bavaria to fulfil her destiny and become Dr Frankenstein. Convinced there is no magic, no god, only undiscovered science, Victoria's experiments lead her to the very brink of human knowledge: the secret of life itself. In the dark of night, a creature is given life. There is violence, there is anger, there is fear. There will be consequences. This psychologically disturbing new version of May Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein tells a truly great story of power and powelessness, of fear and revenge; of the creative possibility and terrible destructive power of the human animal. Age guidance 14+ - contains adult themes and some scenes which younger audiences may find distressing. ----- Based on the novel by MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY Adapted by SELMA DIMITRIJEVIC Directed by LORNE CAMPBELL ----- More info & tickets: http://bit.ly/2koaEU2


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