The Victory Show - Cosby, Leicestershire 2017

PLEASE BE AWARE THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A NUMBER OF LOUD BANGS AND EXPLOSIONS. Held annually at Foxlands farm in the Leicestershire village of Cosby The Victory Show is a 3 day event held over a 100 acre site featuring re-enactments of various theaters and era`s of war between 1939-45 from Infantry to Airman the show creates a window through time back to the 1940`s. The show has something for all including 1940`s vehicles a large army encampment featuring over 50 re-enactment groups and the spectacular battlefield featuring tanks and more. My film features highlights of the event, the battlefield, A DC-3 aircraft inside and out plus a recreation of the wintry scenes of the Siege of Bastogne in Belgium part of the larger battle of the bulge in December 1944.


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