Stannage International Stunt Team - Verdonbury 3

THESE STUNTS ARE PERFORMED BY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. In my film The Stannage International Stunt Team perform at Verdonbury 3 in the Leicestershire village of Newbold Verdon. The world record breaking Stannage International Stunt Team made up of Stannage family members Mark, Janine and Aaron Stannage have worked world wide for over 15 years (established in 2000) to entertain and bring excitement to audiences of all ages. The team have performed their shows all over Europe and the middle east returning (pre-Verdonbury) from the Muscat Festival in Oman. Watch as they ride motobikes, jump vans and perform fire stunts around the arena. Verdonbury is an annual event set up by Newbold Verdon Community Action Group and features stalls and entertainment from the village and local area.


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