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Siân Hewitt (sianhewitt)

Siân Hewitt sianhewitt

Media postgraduate at Leicester Uni

  • Tue 13th June, 2017
Jennifer Sharratt (jenny2point0)

Jennifer Sharratt jenny2point0

Artist, Video editor, Photographer

  • Tue 13th June, 2017
Arts Fresco in the Park (artsfrescointhepark)

Arts Fresco in the Park artsfrescointhepark

  • Mon 15th May, 2017
ArtReach (nicolaatartreach)

ArtReach nicolaatartreach

Arts and Cultural Development

  • Mon 15th May, 2017
2Funky Arts (2funkyarts)

2Funky Arts 2funkyarts

Youth Arts organisation

  • Mon 15th May, 2017
Sam Boulton (samboulton1atyahoocouk)

Sam Boulton samboulton1atyahoocouk

Artist, Designer, Illustrator etc

  • Mon 15th May, 2017
The Mighty Creatives (themightycreatives)

The Mighty Creatives themightycreatives

Creative Development Agency

  • Tue 21st February, 2017
Mair Perkins Ltd. (mairperkins)

Mair Perkins Ltd. mairperkins

Animation and Illustration

  • Thu 16th February, 2017
Tranquil Plants (tranquilplants)

Tranquil Plants tranquilplants


  • Thu 16th February, 2017
Chris Gray (505chris)

Chris Gray 505chris

Operations & Training Director

  • Thu 16th February, 2017
An Indian Summer (inspirate)

An Indian Summer inspirate

Arts and Culture festival in Leicester City.

  • Wed 8th February, 2017
Jay Innes Threlfall (jayinnesthrelfall)

Jay Innes Threlfall jayinnesthrelfall

Freelance Videographer

  • Wed 8th February, 2017
New Art Exchange (newartexchange)

New Art Exchange newartexchange

A contemporary art gallery/art space

  • Tue 10th January, 2017
This Is Your Laugh (thisisyourlaugh)

This Is Your Laugh thisisyourlaugh

Producer of live comedy events

  • Tue 10th January, 2017
MEANMAGENTA (meanmagenta)

MEANMAGENTA meanmagenta


  • Tue 10th January, 2017
Jonny P (jonnyp)

Jonny P jonnyp

Seed Creativity Director

  • Tue 1st November, 2016
Melissa Fletcher (melissafletcher)

Melissa Fletcher melissafletcher

Freelance Creative and Artist

  • Wed 26th October, 2016
Mason Underwood (plastictrees)

Mason Underwood plastictrees

Sound Designer

  • Wed 26th October, 2016